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Switch - To a Smarter Future
All Energy Topics Videos

The energy issues that drive our world. Nearly 300 short videos, organized by resource and topic.

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  • Energy Issues

    What you need to know

  • Energy Resources

    What powers our world

  • Efficiency

    The most important thing

  • Energy Transition

    30 years to a solution

  • Energy Mix

    Recipe for the future

  • Environmental Impacts

    All benefits have costs

  • Carbon Capture

    Put the rabbit back in the hat

  • Fracking

    How dirty a word?

  • Electricity Storage

    Lightning in a bottle

  • Subsidy

    Pay now, reap later

  • Energy Security

    But not independence

  • Policy

    The role of government?

  • Energy Site Visits

    The inside look

  • Biofuels

    100 years and getting there

  • Coal

    Cheap and dirty

  • Electric Cars

    It’s all about the battery

  • Geothermal

    Taming the fireball

  • Hydro

    Was the ideal resource

  • Natural Gas

    Abundant and cleaner

  • Nuclear

    High power, hard to handle

  • Oil

    The economic gas pedal

  • Solar

    $uper clean

  • Transmission

    To a bigger, smarter grid

  • Wind

    Affordable if not unaffordable