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Switch - To a Smarter Future
Affable, reasonable, and unfailingly curious – <i>The Boston Globe</i>
“I very much enjoyed it – informative, balanced, high production values… – Paul Josko, President, Alred P. Sloan Foundation
Must-see entertainment for every person in America...nothing short of remarkable – <i>DC Film Review</i>
Smart energy movies like this one focus on pragmatism instead of silver bullets. I found it very encouraging. – Michael Ming, Energy Secretary of Oklahoma
Five Stars! It's a balanced approach that's very entertaining. – Leslie Haines, Editor-In-Chief, <i>Oil and Gas Investor</i>
I took my students to a screening of <i>Switch</i>, and we spent most of the following class discussing it, a testament to its value as an educational tool. – Amy Jaffe, Rice University Energy Program
A whirlwind adventure, beautifully shot, excellent in its honest discussion of energy issues – <i>Austin American-Statesman</i>
<i>Switch</i> is an entertaining tour of the energy frontier. If you haven't seen it, look for it! – <i>Energy Economics Exchange</i>
<i>Switch</i>, a thorough and sober-minded documentary, is refreshingly free of hot air. – <i>Washington Post</i>
Over the 30 years I‘ve been working in renewable energy, <i>Switch</i> is the most balanced documentary on our world energy situation I've ever seen. – Phil Dutton, GL Garrad Hassan North America
<i>Switch</i> is engaging, funny and educational, all at the same time. I have done nothing but rave about it. – Nipal Bellmonde, Leggette, Brashears &ampl Graham
Switch has sought out an impressive array of key point people; a clearheaded presentation of the facts – <i>Village Voice</i>
Every person in America should see and digest this film. – Douglas Johnson, Statoil
Agenda-free journalism, that's what makes <i>Switch</i> so impressive – <i>Cinespect</i>
Official Selection / Projecting Change - Vancouver; Earth Vision / Santa Cruz Film Festival; Official Selection / Savannah Film Festival; Official Selection / Tallgrass Film Festival
Winner - Best of Fest / Colorado Environmental Film Festival; Premiere - Opening Night / Environmental Film Festival; Featured Presentation / North American Prospect Expo; Invited Selection / Planet in Focus - Toronto
Official Selection / Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival; Official Selection / Scinema 2012 - Australia; Invited Selection / Inconvenient Films - Lithuania; Featured Presentation / 34th International Geology Congress
Switch energy documentary film and energy videos and efficiency education

The groundbreaking film, video and education program – uniting diverse audiences in a shared understanding of energy and promoting efficiency.

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Switch explores the world of energy to discover our future

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11/08Hingham, MA
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